How to Start Streaming

Hey! Today I’m going to share what I believe are the core elements in order to begin your streaming adventure! I’m not going to go into great detail on each item or step in this post, but I will be offering more in-depth guides with a complete step by step walkthrough for you!

So let us get this list started!

  1. Choose your Livestreaming Software

You need to decide how you plan to Livestream your content. If you are planning to just use a console for this, you will need to link your Streaming Account with your console. So Twitch if you’re on PS4 or Mixer/Twitch if you’re on XB1. If you’re on PC or plan to use a Capture Card with your console then you will need to select a Software to use. There are several options available and I’ll list them below with a brief description of them.

OBS This is a free Open Broadcast Software Program that you can quickly install and start using. Most streamers start with OBS,

Streamlabs OBS is similar to OBS but has the Streamlabs UI merged with it. They also offer a lot of extra features through the dashboard as well as a custom creator website if you want one. You can click here for a Discount.

Xsplit is another Software with a limited free version for Streamers and Broadcasters. They have awesome features and performance but most features are locked behind a paywall in a sense. The paid Broadcaster Software is perfect for anyone wanting to do game casting, podcasts, interview, etc. You can use this link here to view their Software options.

2. Camera

You dont have to start streaming with a camera at all. It does however help increase your chances if you have one of good quality. If you stream directly from your console you can purchase the specific cameras for PS4 and XB1. If you are going to use a webcam I would suggest getting the Logitech 920 as it will give you the best bang for your buck!

3. Audio

Now one of the most important things you will want to get is a high quality Headset w/ Mic or an external USB Microphone. I have had good success with Turtlebeach, Astros, Razor, and Corsair for the Headsets w/ Mic and if you plan to use an USB Microphone starting out I would invest in the BLU Snowball Mic.

4. What to stream…

Everyone wants to jump right in and start streaming the mainstream titles like the large successful streamers.. Well that option wont work… unless your ok with always streaming to 0-3 viewers. In order to grow as a streamer you need to decide first of all if you want to be a niche streamer. Meaning you stream one specific game title or genre only. Or if your a variety streamer. Where you stream numerous game titles.

Well being a Niche Streamer will help you gain followers and views at a faster rate, You also lock yourself into either having to stream that specific Game Title or Genre if you want to keep your viewers around.. One way to do this successfully is to set a schedule for the specific Game Title for the majority of your streaming time and have a rare occasional stream where you play whatever you would like to play to help recharge your batteries in per say.

Being a Variety Streamer does give you the freedom to pretty much play whatever you want to when streaming but I would recommend a Weekly or Monthly Stream Schedule so your viewers know what you plan to stream as not all of them will want to watch every game you play. Variety does also slow your growth initially but if done correctly you will still reach most Niche Streamers if you stay consistent.

Now you’re probably wondering what games should you stream? Well you want to go to your platforms Game page and look at the games being streamed and go down a ways until you can find active games where when you stream it you can be on the first page of streamers displayed, which will increase your chances of getting randomly raided by other streamers in that game or have viewers trickle in.

It is also a smart idea to spend a small amount of your free time when you arent streaming to go hang out in other streamers in the game or games you usually stream and just genuinely interact with the chat and streamer and build rapport with them. In time some of them may find their way into your stream and will usually be active chatters.

5. Overlays

These are Graphic files you can use to add personality to your streams if you’re using OBS, XSplit, or SLOBS through your PC.

nerdordie offers some great free graphic templates you can use to help add some flair to your panels and broadcast. offer some amazing streaming packages animated or still picture for you to purchase.

There you go! That about does it for my initial guide for anyone wanting to start streaming!

And again thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read through my posts and watch my vidoes! It means so much more to me than you know! I appreciate you and am thankful your a part of the Crucesade!