Leveling Guide – My Top 4 Zombie grinding locations

Here is a Leveling Guide for those of you who enjoy grinding monster spawns. I know I do lol.

The first location is shown in the Video above in Alkir Desert at Sentinel’s Watch. Once you have traveled to Sentinel’s Watch you will run North to the docks and head East until you reach the beach. Once there you will see multiple groups of monsters that with enough practice you can learn how to efficiently do it.

The next location is the docks you ran past earlier. This spot is smaller but if done right you never stop moving.

Next you can choose to do the Alkir Desert Dolmen Grind if you please. It consists of rotating between 3 different Dolmens and is very simple to do and requires minimal effort.

The last spot on this list is the Zombie Loop down in the Sewers below Imperial City!

Hey its Cruce, Just wanted to share my top 4 ways of grinding toons to 50 since you can only enjoy questing so much lol. This was done on a 35 DK in crafted training gear so nothing difficult to obtain. Just need some healing and aoe skills and your set!!!